Our History

TriState Container Corporation is a third generation independent manufacturer of corrugated shipping boxes.  Our history dates back to the 1940’s.  During this period, children of emigrants could easily find employment and Solomon Friedman was no different. Neighbors of his had a small business selling a variety of paper products such as craft paper, paper towels and toilet paper.  One day while selling paper products to the owner of a shoe store, he watched the staff unpack new shoes and in particular, he took notice of all the unwanted brown boxes.  He soon began to educate himself on the viability of adding used corrugated boxes to his list of items to sell.  During this time, corrugated boxes were typically sealed on one end with tape as opposed to glue, which is used today. Solomon quickly learned he could cut the tape, open the box and turn it inside out so that any printed information would be on the inside of the box, enabling him to sell it. On top of that, merchants were always looking for ways to get rid of used corrugated boxes thereby making this a win-win situation. 

For many years, this was how Solomon made his living. Fast forward 20 years or so when Solomon’s middle son Leonard, joined his father in business. Lenny however, saw a more lucrative opportunity existed in the production of new boxes as opposed to finding and selling used ones. So with his father in agreement, they started to acquire printing, cutting, folding and gluing machinery along with other necessary equipment.

Fast forward another 20 or so years when Lenny's son Allen, after graduating college, joined his father in business.  Allen started in the business by selling and by making and growing important business relationships.  Eventually, he began to manage all parts of the business.  Over time, he started ProCorr Display & Packaging by acquiring equipment, building out the design department, hiring promotional expertise and expanding the facilities.  

"The common thread between my Grandfather, Father and myself is two-fold .. Quality and Customers.  You won't last long if you can't produce high-quality products.  And equally as important is meeting customer needs".

It's been well over 70 years since Solomon started selling his paper products.  The American economy has seen a number of upswings and certainly a good number of difficult times, but some things do not change.  When asked about the similarities between the generations, Allen responded by talking about the common thread between the three which is quality and customers.  "You won't last long if you can't produce high-quality products. And equally as important is meeting customer needs".

Along with custom corrugated boxes, custom corrugated displays and custom graphic product packaging, we also manufacture custom partitions.  Partitions are used for delicate, more breakable items that must remain scratch-free.