The term ‘converting’ in the box business means taking a sheet of 2-dimensional corrugated board and turning it into a shipping container.  First, design creates the specifications of the final box.  From there, orders are placed for materials needed along with any tooling that’s required to make the box.  Tooling comes in the form of printing plates and Equipment, mini flexo, mid flexo, jumbo flexo, 3 colors (matching?, kitchen?, what usually goes on the outside, gluing, no more tape, manufacturers joint, what gets stitched today.  Go into the plant and learn.  RDC, FBD - accuracy/precision delivery date, will be put into the production queue.  Various plant operators and specialists are ordered along with any tooling that will be needed to either print the board, cut the board or score the board, based on the specifications or specs of a finalized box.